Minimum: $60
We price by the piece for one-sitting tattoos.

What is a one sitting tattoo? This is basically any tattoo that doesn’t require
multiple sittings to complete like a sleeve or back-piece would.
We price by the piece for one sitting tattoos because our tattooers are
highly skilled and efficient.  For example you may get quoted $150 for a
tattoo that takes us 45-60 minutes or $350 for a tattoo that takes us two
hours.  We price by the piece because our tattooers are fast, skilled and
efficient and we don't want to penalize our artists because of their high skill
level.  Please keep in mind that a $200 tattoo is a $200 tattoo, because we 
are quick, efficient, and can do it in 1-1.5hrs it is still a $200 tattoo.  Just 
like if we were slow we wouldn’t charge you $800 for a $600 tattoo.

Hourly Rates:

If you are getting a large, multiple sitting tattoo such as a sleeve or back-
piece we charge our hourly rate.

Hourly: $125
Reworks and cover-ups: $125 per hour, Jason Kunz $175.
Smaller re-works or cover-ups are priced by the piece.

(Jason doesn’t do re-works, cover-ups only.)
If you have any questions please let us know.

Active Duty and Veterans 10% off with Military ID. 

You can either come in as a walk-in or schedule a tattoo appointment.
For walk-ins we do our best to fit them in but they are first come first serve and
we cannot guarantee availability.

Deposit Policy:

If you schedule a tattoo appointment the date/time is guaranteed to you.  For
appointments we take a $60 non refundable deposit which comes off the price of
the tattoo. Deposits are forfeited if you cancel, no-show for your appointment or
give less than 24 hours notice when rescheduling. If you need to reschedule
please give atleast 24 hours notice and we can carry the deposit over to your
new appointment date.

Deposits can be paid cash or card in person or over the phone during business